Royal Manticoran Navy Uniforms.

The RMN uniform is black and gold. Officer's undress uniform consists of a black, double-breasted tunic (which seals up the right side and has relatively long skirts which fall to the upper thigh), a white blouse, and black trousers. The tunic collar is "Prussian" in style-high and round but loose enough for comfort-and the blouse collar is a turtleneck. Trousers are fairly loose and straight cut to just below the knee, at which point they flare out and are bloused into low-topped space boots. The tunic's tailoring is slightly wasp-waisted (with unfortunate consequences for the portly), and bears thin gold piping up either side of the cross-over front panel. Trousers are untrimmed.

Cuff stripes are bands (usually referred to as "rings") of gold braid. A "normal ring" is two cm wide; half stripes are one cm wide, and broad stripes are 3.8 cm wide. Naval reserve officers's rings use gold lace rather than solid bands to differentiate reservists from regulars. In addition to the cuffs, a matching number of thin gold stripes are carried on the tunic's shoulder board "epaulets." Epaulet stripes run front-to-back, not side-to-side, and work in from the outer end of the epaulet. The background color of the epaulet is red, not black.

 The left shoulder of the tunic normally bears the name and hull number of the wearer's current ship (i.e., HMS Fearless, CL-56) in an "upside-down" horseshoe arrangement immediately below the shoulder seam. The right shoulder bears the gold-and-scarlet Manticore badge of the RMN. Collar insignia are worn on the tunic's collar, not the blouse's, but the same insignia are worn on an embroidered patch on the left chest of the blouse, immediately above the pocket. Medal ribbons and qualification badges are worn on the left breast of the tunic. In addition, starship commanders wear one star, embroidered in gold thread, for each hyper-capable command they have held, above their other ribbons. The beret breaks to the right and bears the Kingdom's coat of arms-a golden crown supported by a rampant manticore, sphinx, and gryphon (also gold), all on a scarlet field-as a flash on the left side of the band. Starship commander's berets are white; all others are black.

Dress uniform is similar to undress but is more sharply tailored, made of more expensive (and less utilitarian) materials, uses gold bullion for its insignia and bullion thread for cuff bands, and has gold piping up the outer trouser seams. In addition, the tunic bears false buttons up either side of the double-breasted flap, and the epaulets bear the appropriate collar insignia "inboard" of the gold stripes.

Mess dress follows dress in overall concept, but for officers below the rank of commodore the tunic is replaced by a short-waisted coatee which ends at belt level. Senior grade captains and flag officers wear a longer tunic-indeed, almost a frock coat-and a golden sash. In addition, jacket and trouser seams are picked out in gold piping and a dress sword is a non-optional portion of the uniform for all officer ranks. Mess dress's tunic collar is much tighter than for dress uniform and detested accordingly.

Enlisted undress uniform is considerably simpler than officer's uniform, consisting of a tailored, one-piece coverall in standard Navy black and gold. Name and rank insignia are worn on the left breast. The same basic uniform is worn by noncoms, but the trouser seams of noncoms' uniforms are picked out in piping color-coded by branch: red for tactical, green for medical, yellow for communications, white for engineering and electronics, brown for logistics, etc. Additional specialist insignia is worn on the upper left sleeve as a shoulder patch under the unit name for all ratings and noncoms.

Dress uniform for both enlisted and noncomissioned ranks is a simplified version of officer's dress uniform, with the addition of trouser piping color-coded as for undress uniform. There is no "mess dress" uniform for enlisted or noncomissioned ranks.

Ship CO's Beret
Standard RMN Beret

Officer's Uniform

Enlisted Uniform

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